BVH welcomes new “member” of surgery team

. October 11, 2012.

No, daVinci isn’t a surgeon or surgical assistant.  It’s not a visiting physician from Italy.  The daVinci is, however, the newest member of Blanchard Valley Hospital’s Precision Surgery team.

The daVinci Surgical Robot is the core of the hospital’s new E.C. Edwards Robotic Surgery Program.  Although it doesn’t perform the surgeries itself, the device gives BVH surgeons another option to complete surgical procedures with smaller incisions.  As with other minimally invasive procedures, benefits of daVinci Robotic assisted surgery may include less pain, reduced risk of infection, shorter hospital stays and even speedier recoveries for patients.

Hospital representatives explain that the specially designed robot and cameras allow surgeons to operate outside the body by skillfully manipulating the equipment inside the patient.  Thanks to the daVinci Surgical Robot and other minimally invasive surgical options available at BVH, surgeons can perform many different procedures with precision and consistency.  In other words, Findlay-area patients get “world class” care close to home!