Coffee with a Cop

. March 25, 2016.

Do you have questions or concerns about safety in your community? Do you enjoy delicious coffee? The local version of the nationwide “Coffee with a Cop” program provides a comfortable atmosphere for informal discussions between Findlay police officers and citizens. The events have no preconceived agenda or topics, but rather allow citizens’ concerns, compliments, or interests to guide impromptu discussion.

The first event, held in February at Coffee Amici, successfully sparked conversations about suspicions of drug activity in homes, as well as a rash of automobile break-ins. Participants, Deputy Timothy Saltzman and Police Crime Prevention Officer Brian White, appreciated receiving information from residents with eyes on local streets. The second meeting in March, took place at Tim Horton’s.

White says future “Coffee with a Cop” events will be held monthly, where he and Saltzman will attend, along with available officers working nearby streets. The events are open to community members of all ages, so children may participate (perhaps skipping the coffee). Whether it’s about bicycle safety or block-party planning, the officers will be there to address your question.

At press time, dates and other locations for upcoming events had yet to be determined,
but announcements will be made to the “Findlay Police Department” Facebook page.