Dig Into Fun at Fossil Park

. August 1, 2017.

Part of The Olander Park System, Fossil Park offers visitors an opportunity to dig for fossilized brachiopods, corals and other ancient species. And best of all– you keep what you find! The ADA-accessible park, located in a rock quarry, offers a safe environment for fossil hunters to dig for, wash and learn about fossils dating back 375 million years. The fossils are embedded in shale soft enough to break apart with your hands– no tools necessary.

If you plan to visit, log onto Fossil Park’s website for access to several printables including a coloring sheet, a handout showing what fossils you’re likely to find and a field guide explaining more about northwest Ohio’s geological history. For homeschoolers, use the Fossil Park lesson plan to create a hands-on science unit.

Visitors should bring buckets and a toothbrush or paintbrush for dusting off fossils. Wear old clothes and shoes, and pack a change of clothes for the trip home. There’s very little shade so sun protection is necessary. Restrooms are clean and accessible. Picnic tables and biking trails are also available. The park, located at 5675 Centennial Road in Sylvania, opens at 7:30am and closes 90 minutes before sunset. Access to the park, parking and fossils are all free.

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