Ending hunger

. October 18, 2012.

As a rural community, Hancock County is lush with crops and gardens during the summer months. This bounty can be deceiving according to United Way’s 2010 Hunger Report. As an organization dedicated to addressing community needs, United Way strives to assure that no one goes hungry in Hancock County.

For easier access to food sites and meal programs, United Way has developed an online interactive food resource calendar and map which lists locations throughout the county offering free meals and food items to those in need. Social agencies, churches and individuals can access the user-friendly tool to connect with resources already available in the community.

“Needs and resources are constantly changing so our goal is to create an easy-to-update online resource offering an accurate snapshot of what is happening in our county,” says Keith DuVernay, CEO of United Way of Hancock County.

The calendar and map includes  types of food service available, location, dates, times and eligibility requirements for food distribution.  To access the service, visit www.LiveUnitedHancockCounty.org and click on the “Hunger in Hancock County” link in the “What’s Happening” box.