Explore The Trails In Hancock County

. November 1, 2016.

Your chance to explore the walking trails in Hancock County – and earn a medal doing so – starts now.

For the second year, the Hancock Park District is sponsoring Hike-It!, a community program that promotes the district’s walking trails throughout the county. It’s as simple as walking a short trail and writing down the information. Once you walk eight of 11 trails, turn in your form and receive both bragging rights and a commemorative medallion from the park district.

Last year about 135 people walked the trails through the program.

“Anybody can do it. We’ve had whole families sign up,” said Michelle Rumschlag, district naturalist. “Some people do all 11.”

Trails range in length from about half a mile to more than four miles. Choices include trails in Findlay, McComb, Van Buren, Benton Ridge and Fostoria. Those new to the program can register in person at the district office and receive a free walking stick.

The trails must be walked by November 30 and walkers will receive their medallions in January. Each year will feature a different medallion. Dogs are welcome on the trails as long as they are on leashes.

More information or registration forms can be found
at either the park district office, 419-425-7275,
1424 East Main Cross St., or online at
hancockparks.com under “what’s new.”