July 2016 Family Favorites


The first trip to the optometrist can be intimidating for kids and parents, but not at Eyes on Main. Young patients receive age appropriate eye exams featuring symbols instead of letters, hand held tools, and a friendly knowledgeable staff to put everyone at ease. Not to mention Eyes on Main offers an array of fashionable (and affordable) children’s eye and sport glasses.

334 S. Main St.
419-422-2015 | eyesonmainvisioncenter.com
“Eyes on Main” on Facebook 

Looking for something educational and fun for a long car trip? Mother Hubbard’s Learning Cupboard carries Melissa and Doug Water Wow books. These paint with water coloring books are mess/leak free and include four reusable pages and a refillable water pen. The water pen activates vibrant colors, numbers, or letters on each page. Once the page dries the images disappear and it’s ready to be used again!

219 Broadway St., 419-425-3276,
“Mother Hubbard’s Learning Cupboard” on Facebook
830 N. Main St., 567-204-7569,
and on Facebook under Shabby Chic Bo 

Summer time is a great time for busy parents to relax. If you are looking for a date night or night out The Anvil (upstairs at The Gathering) is the place to be. Every Friday and Saturday night this rooftop location has live music with free food and no cover charge from 9pm-12am.

114 E. Main Cross St. | 419-422-5930
“Anvil Upstairs at The Gathering” or “The Gathering 419-422-5930” on Facebook 

Do you want to spruce up your landscaping this summer but don’t know where to start? Lowenoake Landscape Development creates custom landscaping with families in mind. President J. Brett Hughes said visibility is important for families with children, “parents want to be able to see a play structure from the house, we take that into account.” He also suggested that families with teens consider a fire pit versus an outdoor fireplace, “kids seem to love congregating around a fire pit, while adults enjoy sitting by a fireplace.”

117 S. Main St.
419-425-8500 | lowenoak.com