October 2019—A Few of Our Favorite Things

. October 1, 2019.

On-the-go Game Cards


Planning a fall road trip? Smarty Pants Educational Store sells Melissa and Doug educational games, perfect for children on the go. Smarty Pants game cards, sold by age group, preK-4th grade ($12.99 each), are packed with problem solving, trivia, word play, fun facts and story building.
618 S. Main Street, Findlay, 419-425-3276,

Itty Bittys


Little ones love stuffed toys! Readmore’s Hallmark in Findlay offers a wide selection of the popular Itty Bittys. With more than 300 featured characters, Hallmark has created Itty Bittys based on Disney characters featured in comeback movies such as The Lion King’s Simba ($6.99) and Aladdin’s Jasmine ($23.99). Itty Bittys are geared for children ages 5 and under.
2705 North Main Street, Findlay, 419-424-1321,
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Art Supplies


Have an aspiring artist in the family who enjoys art supplies? The Ooly Company offers a line of fresh and fun items that will add smiles to your next art session. Sold at the Cracker Barrel Gift Shop in Findlay: Colored pencils-$8.99; Tutti Frutti Scented Gel Pens-$6.99; Magic Puffy Pens-$11.99 and Vanilla Scented Erasers-$3.99.
1031 Interstate Ct., Findlay, 419-425-2008,