Findlay Rocks – Stones around town with uplifting messages

. May 1, 2017.

Seen any colorful rocks lately? A fun trend involving stones with uplifting messages painted on them has rocked Findlay. The typically flat stones contain messages like “Findlay Rocks” and “Be a Little Boulder,” messages of inspiration to make your day a little less rocky. Follow the “Findlay Rocks” tag online to be part of a spreading social happening. Abby Nichols, a Findlay transplant to Jefferson City, MO, learned about the grassroots positivity movement and, when she came back to Findlay for a visit, brought the practice with her. If you happen to see a stone you love around town, feel free to take it home. The only catch? You have to make one to replace it and brighten someone else’s day. For more details, see the “Findlay Rocks” Facebook group.