Findlay Students Surveyed To Develop Job Search Platform

. June 30, 2018.

The career insights platform, randrr, released the results of a new survey that found American students in elementary, middle and high school who are exposed to a limited number of career choices often pick aspirational careers such as a professional athlete or entertainer which sometimes lead to difficulty in determining realistic educational pursuits and, ultimately, discovering a profession they will be passionate about.

“The data shows that people at a very young age set expectations around career choices, which change over time as they are exposed to new possibilities,” said Terry Terhark, a Findlay native and founder and CEO of randrr. “Exposing children to various types of work and careers can help them make the most of their education and find careers that they love. We don’t think this learning process ends. As adults, we need the same kind of exposure to information and insights that guide our career paths.”

The findings are based on research results from Findlay students in 1st through 12th grades. This is the first in a series of surveys randrr will conduct with students in 2018 to better understand this problem and to use technology to provide transparency into the world of work for the next generation.