Free App from the Mazza Museum


Can't make it to the Mazza Museum this weekend? Looking for some added information while you are there? Now there's an app for that.

The world-renowned repository of children's book illustrations, located on the University of Findlay's campus, recently created an app. The free app, available by searching "Mazza Museum" in both iTunes and Google Play, provides additional information on the museum and its collections. From a virtual tour to content for kids, the app provides information about what the museum has to offer.

"Anybody can download it anywhere in the world,î said Kerry Teeple, the museum's deputy director. ìIt can also be used in the museum to get more information while you are taking a tour."

The app provides information that reflects changes at the museum and includes a book from the current exhibit that is read aloud, a special section for kids and additional information on current collections. It will be updated every few months as the current collections are rotated and expanded.

"We wanted it to be both for people here at the museum and those who can't visit, but want to explore what Mazza offers," said Teeple.

Mazza Museum, 201 College St.
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