GER Mongolian Grill in Findlay

. August 1, 2017.
GER Mongolian Grill, Findlay’s newest restaurant
GER Mongolian Grill, Findlay’s newest restaurant

Dale and Alison Wirt were tired of trekking to Toledo to enjoy their favorite cuisine so they decided it was time to bring Mongolian barbeque to Findlay. “We kept running into friends from Findlay at Mongolian restaurants in Toledo. Our family had fallen in love with the food. We had been interested in starting a restaurant; this presented as the right opportunity,” explains Dale. GER Mongolian Grill, Findlay’s newest restaurant, plans to open on Trenton Ave. late this summer.

The menu allows diners to create a customized meal per their tastes and preferences. Guests can select from a buffet of raw meats, fresh vegetables, spices and sauces. As customers look on, a grill cook will prepare their meal on an open flat top grill. Meals are expected to range from $10-$17, depending on size. The interactive dining experience allows for everyone in the family, even the pickiest eaters, to enjoy a meal together.

The Wirts consider the GER Mongolian Grill a family affair: “It’s been a fantastic experience to involve our kids in all aspects. They’ve shared their ideas about everything from demolition to design.”  Dale, a retired manufacturing operations manager, plans to run the front of the house while Alison manages the kitchen. The Wirts’ children will help as needed, including their 24-year-old daughter who manages GER’s Facebook page from Thailand while working for the Peace Corps.

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