Give Downtown Findlay Reverse-Angle Parking a Try

. February 1, 2016.

The city of Findlay is experimenting with a new style of parking on Crawford Street downtown. Through October 2016, Findlay residents can utilize reverse-angle parking on the south side of the street. Crawford Street was converted to a one-way street to make this happen. Next October, Findlay’s City Council will decide whether to make the change permanent. Parking space on the street expanded from 60 to 90 spots with the change, says Findlay’s Safety-Service Director Paul Schmelzer. “These spaces are safer than traditional angle parking because you can see and alert traffic both while entering and exiting the spot. Also, the doors open toward the curb, which is especially important for those with children. And, the back of the vehicle is at the curb which is convenient and safer for those loading and unloading the trunk.”