Greens & Things Cafe Opens on Sandusky Street

. November 1, 2016.

You can ride your bike to 125 W. Sandusky St., but it’ll have to stay outside from now on. The Bike Shop is gone, and in its place is Greens & Things, a new café specializing in homemade soups and salads.

The eatery’s ever-changing menu consists of salads (some traditional, some inspired by the chef’s imagination) and five different weekly soups (some chosen through patron votes). Chef and Owner Silas Larsen believes in “homemade, fresh food at a reasonable cost,” and assures that his menu shuns “premade, bagged, or frozen products,” instead sourcing ingredients such as meats and produce as locally as possible. Breads are supplied by Bread Kneads. The menu eschews soda in favor of teas and bottled or house-made juices. To reduce waste, biodegradable/compostable materials are used rather than paper cups or foam takeout boxes. Kitchen scraps are composted—in fact if you need some compost, just ask.

For Larsen, Greens & Things is the culmination of a lifelong career involving cooking. He worked in professional kitchens most of his life—including those in Toledo and Las Vegas. Larsen hopes that Findlay, where he’s lived for thirteen years, will “have faith” and welcome this new venture. “At least try it once,” he suggests. “If I do you wrong, my fault.”

Greens & Things | 125 W. Sandusky St.
Hours 10am to 4pm Monday-Saturday
Free wifi and device-charging stations.
Orders can be placed and purchased online,
then picked-up or delivered—delivery downtown is free.