Home Run!

. April 29, 2013.


The Toledo Mudhens have home games scheduled throughout the month. Grab your baseball
cap and get ready for some major fun from the minor league.
Thursday, May 2nd @ 6:30pm
Friday, May 3rd @ 7:00pm
Saturday, May 4th @ 7:00pm
Sunday, May 5th @ 2:00pm
Monday, May 6th @ 6:30pm
Tuesday, May 7th @ 6:30pm
Wednesday, May 8th @ 6:30pm
Thursday, May 9th @ 6:30pm
Tuesday, May 14th @6:30pm
Wednesday, May 15th @ 10:30am
Thursday, May 16th @ 6:30pm
Friday, May 17th @ 7:00pm
Saturday, May 18th @7:00pm
Sunday, May 19th @ 2:00pm
Monday, May 20th @ 10:00am
Tuesday, May 2th @ 10:30am
Friday, May 31st @7:00 pm