Hot Yoga Comes to Findlay

. November 1, 2013.

At newly-opened Hot Yoga Findlay, class-goers can sample something like no other workout studio in town – soothing and healing infrared heat gently enveloping their body. “You just have to experience it,” said Kelsey Terry, one of Hot Yoga’s two owner/instructors. “I’ve been to other hot yoga classes and have talked to others where the heat feels too hot or too dry or too steamy. That’s because the heat may be coming from an extra heater in the room or a humidifier. Infrared heat is different – it
literally functions like the sun.” Terry and Co-Owner/Instructor Janet Kolesar-Lis opened the studio in June, hoping to bring something different to Findlay. Infrared heat is a start, but the duo’s distinctive approach can also be seen in the wide range of classes they offer, the philosophy behind them (“There is a Degree for Everyone.”), their goal to make their studio feel like a community, and their interest
in bringing in new fitness trends.

Strengthen your core
“Our facility is geared toward having good balance,” Kolesar-Lis said. “Some people want restorative yoga, to de- stress and to not think too much. Others want something more
intense and powerful, like Core Yoga Sculpt or Core Strength Vinyasa. I think we have a good balance of yoga and Pilates here, something for everyone.”
And when people come, they can do it all in a comfortable, relaxing studio under the infrared heat emanating from sections of ceiling tiles.

Reinvigorate your life
Kolesar-Lis and Terry thoroughly researched the heat source, and it’s hard to argue with the benefits. Infrared heat improves muscle function, promotes healing and relieves aches because it improves circulation, Kolesar-Lis and Terry said. The heat is also great for the skin and, when used in combination with a powerful yoga workout, revs the metabolism.
Even though the studio is still quite new, Kolesar-Lis and Terry are planning more for the near future. Both continue to further their education, and by January, Kolesar-Lis will be certified to lead a Core Barre class.
Core Barre, a hot fitness trend on the coasts, combines yoga and strength training while incorporating ballet postures, Kolesar-Lis said. The workout style makes use of ballet bars which can intensify poses, and is not currently otherwise available in Findlay.
We feel like this will round out what we have to offer,” Terry said. “It’s like the pinnacle of things that hadn’t come to Findlay yet. Just like our tagline, there really is a ‘degree for everyone,’ whether it’s the heat or workout intensity or type of workout. We want to make sure everyone who comes here feels comfortable.”

Hot Yoga Findlay. 1730 E. Melrose Ave., Suite B. To learn more about Hot Yoga Findlay, visit their website at There you will find class descriptions, schedules, pricing, information about infrared heat and more. You can also find them on Facebook. You can also contact Janet Kolesar-Lis, 419-957-2425 or and Kelsey Terry, 812-208-8946 or