It Seams Fitting

. February 27, 2015.

It seems fitting that Karlene Brachle would start an alteration and sewing business, named Seams Fitting. Taught by her mother and grandmother, she continued sewing through 4-H and high school. As the mother of five children, she kept sewing clothes and projects. Word spread, and she started sewing for others out of her home. Finally, last spring, her husband suggested it was time to consider an addition to the house. 

“He couldn’t get from the kitchen to the bedroom safely because there was too much sewing,” she said. Instead, Brachle moved her business to Crawford Street and, most recently, Sandusky Street. It is the perfect fit for Brachle and three other seamstresses, who do alterations and sewing projects, big and small. Together, they have more than 40 years of sewing experience. In addition to the usual hems and alterations that include replacing zippers, the shop currently is working on three wedding dresses. The ladies also do home décor projects including drapes and bench cushions.

“If it can fit through a sewing machine we will give it a shot,” she says. “We are expanding into working with leather, too – we just got an industrial sewing machine.” -RB

117 W. Sandusky St. 419-419-9338. 9am-7pm Tuesday and Thursday, 9am-5pm Wednesday and Friday, and 9am-2pm Saturday.