June 2017 Favorite Things

. June 30, 2017.

Park Place Grill

Take a break from the heat and enjoy something sweet at Park Place Grill! Conveniently located across from Emory Adams Park, Park Place offers delicious home-style cuisine at family friendly prices. But in the heat of July? We’re loving their icy cold treats! A child’s sized ice cream cone (vanilla, chocolate, or twist) is just $1 and a child’s sundae (flavors ranging from hot fudge to marshmallow) is $1.50.

(419) 423-2253 | 1600 S. Blanchard St.
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Smarty Pants Findlay

Battle the summer academic slump! The Super Genius card games ($12.99 each) at Smarty Pants Findlay have been developed by teachers to practice reading and mathematic skills in a playful manner. Each set of cards provides instructions for playing and practicing at different skill levels (beginner to advanced). Smarty Pants invites customers to demo the games in the store before purchasing to ensure the best game is selected for each child.

(419) 425-3276 | 219 Broadway
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Hutchinson Fine Furniture

The Stone and Leigh collection at Hutchinson Fine Furniture offers timeless, quality, built-to-grow baby and youth furniture. Each crib is Greenguard certified, meeting stringent chemical emissions standards and can be converted into a toddler and/or full sized bed. Hutchison provides free, in-home design services and can assist with every detail of your nursery from custom bedding to window treatments. Stone and Leigh cribs are priced at $699.

(419) 424-1757 | 3520 N Main St

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Mazza Museum Gift Shop

Stop by the “autographed book section” of the Mazza Musuem Gift Shop for a meaningful and treasured gift. The museum keeps a revolving selection of books autographed by various authors and illustrators in a special section, perfect for birthday and baby shower gifts! The autographed books are sold for the list price in the book jacket, meaning they are not marked up. The gift shop has a wide variety of books and children’s activities to delight any gift recipient in your life.

(419) 434-5521 | 1000 N Main St
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