Just a Touch: Serving Pets & the Owners Who Love Them

. September 1, 2017.

Have you ever wished for personalized, in-home vet care for your ailing pet?
Now you can bring experienced vet care home with Just a Touch LLC:
Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Therapies. Danielle Schloemp, a registered vet technician with over 10 years experience, began Just a Touch to offer in-home vet services to pets suffering from disabilities or terminal, acute or chronic illnesses. Services offered range from simple nail trims to administering medications or fluids subcutaneously. Schloemp also supports families in choosing the appropriate time to say goodbye to their pet through euthanasia. In her clinical work, Schloemp recalls, “All too often I heard owners say, ‘I’ll never do this again’ or ‘I waited too long to make the decision.’ One of my goals is to alleviate some of that guilt I’ve heard expressed so many times over the years.”By serving as a liaison between vets and owners, Just a Touch helps to fill a care gap between veterinary services and personal support in the time between a difficult diagnosis and saying goodbye to a special pet.
419-889-8716, justatouchllc.weebly.com, danielle_schloemp@yahoo.com, “Just a Touch LLC: Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Therapies” on Facebook