Local Student Receives Kohl’s Cares Scholarship

. September 30, 2014.

It all started when he didn’t really want anything for his birthday. So instead of asking for gifts, 12-year-old Noah Weaver decided he would rather help other people – by raising money to donate livestock through Heifer International. In recognition of his efforts, Weaver found out this summer that he was awarded a $1,000 Kohl’s Cares Scholarship. He was also lauded by Campfire USA in the advocacy category of their Absolutely Incredible Kids program.

Now a seventh grader, Weaver was in sixth grade at McComb Elementary when he got the idea for a day of fundraising he called “Dodgeball for Ducks!” He raised $500 and, through the charity organization, purchased mostly ducks, along with a few sheep and pigs for those in need. “One of my favorite parts is that they teach people how to raise the ducks and take care of them,” Weaver said. “The ducks can reproduce and then they have more to give to other people, or they can sell them.” Weaver was one of 182 kids across the country who received a regional scholarship from Kohl’s out of 37,000 nominees. “Just go for it,” Weaver said of giving to others. “If you hesitate, it won’t go as well, but if you go into it wholeheartedly, it will be a success.”

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