Mad Libs for Moms

. March 3, 2014.

One Winter School Morning

One cold winter morning ____________ (an animal) woke me up at _________ (a time in the morning). I was just about to hit my snooze button and I was trying to catch up on my __________ (funny name for sleep).

____________ (child’s name) said “Wake up ________ (nickname for “mom”)! It’s time for school! Let’s get going because
my new teacher ____________ (female teacher’s name) is really a _____________ (cartoon character). I can’t wait to throw
__________ (type of school supplies) at her. I hear she can’t resist __________ (-ing verb) it with her hands!”

I whined and complained for ________ (amount of time), but
eventually, I woke and started getting dressed. I wore __________ (color) _________ (pattern) with a very long _______________ (noun) attached to it.

My outfit was hip! I knew my kids would love it. They were covered in ___________ (type of food) from the day before. I flipped overthe door mat and yelled “_________!” (an exclamation phrase!”) I snatched a _________ (eating utensil) and had breakfast off of the floor!

_______________ (number) minutes later, the bus came, and
my kids were off to school. At home that day, I watched two really _______________ (adjective) TV shows. Then I had to start cleaning up and getting dinner ready. I made spaghetti, that’s a favorite at our house.

When the kids got home, they told my husband and I what
_______________ (plural noun) were, and when to use
them. At snack and recess, they played tag. At gym, they were
____________ (“ing” verb) the basketballs into ________ (plural nouns).

I thought it was a very ____________ (adjective) idea.
After homework was completed and everyone cleaned up, it was time to _________ (verb). We needed to get to bed so we could be ready for the next day! Just before I was ready, I shouted, “_______________________ (excited phrase),” to my family! What a day!