Mazza Museum Introduces App

. February 9, 2019.
Mazza Museum app

Experience the University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum both on site or from home, thanks to the Mazza Museum app. The free app, according to Kerry Teeple, Deputy Director of the Mazza Museum, includes “something for everyone. We have read-alouds from books, including a Japanese book read with subtitles. We also added a new scavenger hunt and game section.”

Another feature allows you to photograph yourself in the museum which can then be printed as a postcard. Teeple said the app broadens their outreach. “Now people who live across the country, or across the world, can experience Mazza Museum. We also recommend it to classes coming for a tour, to help them prepare for a visit.”

Download The Mazza Museum app from Google Play or
the iTunes store, then search the app either by
the provider CloudGuide or Mazza Museum.