New Cardio Drumming Class for Adults at Flashover


There’s something primal about a good beat and how it resonates throughout the body. Adults can now let it flow and leave their cares behind during Cardio Drumming classes at Flashover Sports & Fun Center. Flashover Owner Cheryl Lauer, who openly and emphatically hates exercising, said she loves the class which she described as fun, light-hearted and full of everyday people. Cardio Drumming started at Flashover after Manager Kirsten Fruchey attended a class and wanted to bring the fun to back to the center. Upbeat songs such as “Happy” by Pharrell and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson blare in the background as participants dance, squat and jump around the makeshift drum. All the moves, however, are easily modified to match the individual’s fitness level.

Cardio Drumming is held 7-8pm Mondays and Thursdays. Classes cost $6 and include a Herbalife tea shot and protein shake. Drummers can save $1 off admission to Flashover’s bounce house for the kids with registration.

Participants can attend with or without equipment which includes a yoga ball, laundry tub and a pair of drumsticks.

For more information and to register,
call 419-420-1575, or visit
and click on Family Fun.