New Logo Helps Brand the City of Findlay

. November 26, 2014.

The City of Findlay released a new logo in October, stemming from a Fall 2013 contest.  A panel of professionals with expertise in graphic design convened to choose the winning entry submitted from Findlay local Jay Yeater. Yeater described the logo as  “patriotic, vibrant, growing,” adjectives that also describe the progressive community in which we live. In a quick read of Jay’s blog, his first step was to consider Findlay landmarks, including the Oil Derricks, the Old Millstream, and classic south-end architecture. Those considerations quickly gave way to the flag. Hours of doodling later, he materialized a version that could be scrutinized by his network of designers. As part of the final challenge, Jay crafted a design rationale, “Writing a logo rationale feels like asking Shakespeare to describe a grilled cheese sandwich.” Jay’s legacy will live on in true Shakespearean style, through city communications while adorning the south water tower.