Newcomers' Club lays out the welcome mat

. June 28, 2013.

You don’t have to be new to Findlay to find friends at Newcomers’ Club of Findlay.

Despite its name, the club is for everyone— those new to town, those born here and everyone in between. Lana Frendo, club president, says the group, a ladies’ social club, is reaching out to gain new members.
“Really we are a big melting pot,” said Frendo. “We want to make sure people know we are open to any age group or people who have lived here any number of years. It’s a good way to spend some time and meet new people.”
Club activities include Bunco, coffees, playgroups, book club and nights out. Membership includes new and seasoned moms, professional women and those who are retired. Meetings and welcome coffees are scheduled at various times throughout the year.

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