Noyce Grant marks UF’s largest award

. November 26, 2014.

Talk about supersizing America, The University of Findlay received its own super-sized award- a $1.2 million, five-year Noyce Grant to help university students as well as the surrounding area who have an interest in turning their math and science knowledge into teaching degrees supporting high-need schools. This grant comes at a time when there is a state and national shortage of math and science educators. The Noyce Scholarship Program hopes to target those with two years of science or math under their belt.  With standard tuition at The University of Findlay averaging $29,716, this scholarship will pay $30,000 in total aid. Eligible students, including transfers, will receive scholarships for their junior and senior years, completing a B.S. degree before proceeding to post-baccalaureate study. They will be eligible for teaching licensure and receive full tuition for the completion of their Masters in Education. Through mentorship programs, students will be prepared to teach in high-need schools.

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