Opening of a Restaurant Dedicated to the Athletes of Hancock County


Legends Sports Bar and Steakhouse, formerly Waldo Peppers, will join with the Hancock Sports Hall of Fame to open a restaurant dedicated to the great athletes of Hancock County. August 8 is the target date to reopen, followed by a celebration at a later date. Pat Garlock, committee member of the Hancock Sports Hall of Fame, said, "We were looking for a permanent home to showcase our great athletes, [and] Waldo Peppers was looking to remodel and update their look, [so] a marriage of the two fell into place."

The two entities will remain separate, as the Hall of Fame is a nonprofit and Legends is a restaurant, but will reside in the same location. Garlock said that sports fans travel all over the country visiting local Halls of Fame, which will result in additional tourism and economic growth for Findlay and Hancock County. The space will feature induction plaques, athlete statistics, and wooden lockers with displays of memorabilia donated by athletes. Some of the historic greats featured include William "Dummy" Hoy, Grant "Homerun" Johnson, Peg Kirk Bell, Coach Dick Strahm, Cheryl Stacy, and many more. When it re-opens, Legends will serve some of the old Waldo Peppers favorites, with new menu items added. The restaurant is closed for the renovations, but catering is still available.

Legends | 411 S. Main St.