Out and active

. October 18, 2012.

If you can walk, you can play disc golf. And a new disc golf course at McComb’s Village park is just the place to give it a spin.

Course designer Mike Taylor, a McComb resident, says he’s played the sport for five years and often had to drive outside of the area to play. Now, families can come to the park to enjoy the nine “holes” laid out, but two different tee stations will give the course 18 “holes.”

In disc golf, players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target. Just like traditional golf, the goal is to make it through the course with the fewest throws of the disc. But unlike traditional golf, there are no green fees and you don’t get stuck with a bad tee time.

While it is tempting to play with a child’s Frisbee, Taylor says, a disc golf Frisbee is weighted and will be better to play with. Discs, ranging from about $8 to $16, are available at Primrose Flowers and Gifts, 155 E. Main St., McComb.

Unlike other games that might exclude youngsters based on height or eye-hand coordination, disc golf is all inclusive. “Disc golf is something pretty much the whole family can do. You can play by yourself or in a group of 10,” said Taylor. “If you can walk you can enjoy disc golf.” www.mccomboh.com.