Put on your best face

. October 8, 2012.

You and your family can get the fantastical faces you've always dreamed of, with the help of Findlay's own Funominal Face Painting. Funominal, the creation of Mercy Henners, came into being "about three years ago," but now, with a fun new website and business pouring in, Henners says "it's really snowballed for me." Henners had always enjoyed art, but had never thought to do it for a living until a day at KidsFest, when a tight schedule left her daughter disappointed at the face-painting booth. "I'll buy some paint," Henners thought, "and do it myself." The results were mixed, but she realized she had a talent for it. A benefit for the Open Arms Domestic Violence Shelter was her big break, and soon she was painting at birthday parties, clubs, corporate events — she even painted a troupe of dancing zombies for Findlay's Halloween parade. Wild and fun animal faces, superheroes, delicate floral patterns — she does it all, even "tattoos." Prices vary depending on the size and type of event, but check out Funominal’s website and Facebook page to see what Henners can do.
419-421-0632. www.circlepad.com/FunominalFacePainting