Revive Ohio Spreads The Message of Unity And Love

. February 9, 2019.
Revive Ohio

Spreading the message of unity and love through the Christian gospel to the local community is the mission of Revive Ohio, a multi-church ministry that travels county to county offering a chance for churches to engage in sharing their faith and love of Jesus with the local community.

According to Benton Ridge’s Good Shepherd UMC Pastor Richard Hiltibran, the group focuses on a week long surge of evangelism where missionaries from across the country pray with folks they meet and offer them a chance to walk through the gospel with a system called Bibles and Bands.

Salem Cass UMC’s Pastor Ron Hoeksema spearheaded efforts to form a local group, which now meets once a month at different churches. County government officials and businesses help to support the mission, donating food and services for the group to utilize.

Hiltibrand says it’s time for Christians to step out past the church walls and get conversations started about their faith. “Lets get the elephant out of the room,” said Hiltibrand. “Yes, we are hoping to convert people into a Christian worldview because we believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate symbol of God’s love for humanity and the best thing that we can give to anyone.”

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check out the “Revive Ohio: Hancock County”
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