Snap into it

. September 27, 2012.

Legos are wild at Snapology, a new business in Findlay that allows kids to go beyond basic Lego fun and explore math and science with the help of those humble little building bricks.

But, as the business’ catch phrase goes, don’t tell them it’s educational.

Snapology is a Pittsburgh-based company that believes learning happens hands-on — and what better way to build, create, animate and invent than with Legos? The Findlay franchise, run by Jennifer Bishop, hosts camps at local kid-friendly businesses (like DorAnne’s Gifts and Gourmet) where kids get to work together on more complex creations than they might be able to at home.
“They get the experience of working on a team with other kids their age. They make a building or a bird and attach batteries and watch it come to life,” she says. “It’s not [the same as] just playing with Legos at home.”

This summer Snapology has offered mini summer camps that included making Lego ninjas, mini-figures, animal robotics, combat robots, rescue mission robots and stop-motion animation movies. Bishop hopes to expand into after-school programs and birthday parties.

For more information on upcoming events, or to inquire about hosting a Snapology camp or party, go to for a list of local events call 419-701-9529 or email —RB