Starbucks Upgrades Brewing at Tiffin Avenue Kroger


Already a hit in the community, a Starbucks coffee shop is brewing excitement inside the Tiffin Avenue Kroger. The shop opened inside the store in late December as a part of an overall facility revamp. 

Kroger manager Tim White-Hofman said the Starbucks offers the full complement of coffee available from the retail centers. "It's not only just a Starbucks kiosk but it is the entire menu that Starbucks offers so that offering to this community will be very popular," said Hofman. The Starbucks provides seating for coffee drinkers and free Wi-Fi that is open to the entire store. 

Along with the Starbucks, Kroger is going through a complete remodel. "We will have a sushi chef, which will allow us to offer different kinds of foods to our customers. A cheese shop, which will allow customers to have their cheeses cut into however many pounds they would like. Our customer service person will cut and wrap it for you as well as offer samples for hundreds of different kinds of cheese," said Hofman.

The produce section is expanded to allow for additions such as olive oils, pasta salads and other gourmet foods for customers. The seafood and service meats counter has also grown and added different products for customers.

"Plus we're updating the decor and bringing in new equipment and services all around the store. It's a good look that I hope the customers will be pleased with," said Hofman.

Improvements are expected to be complete by the end of February.