The Café at Millstream

. March 2, 2019.
The Café at Millstream

Enjoy a yummy (and inexpensive) lunch while supporting teens preparing for culinary careers. The Café at Millstream is open to the public Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:45am to 1pm during the school year. Wednesdays feature an a la carte menu, and Thursdays and Fridays offer a buffet with carving station. Selections vary every month, but could include chicken pot pie, mini meatloaf and smashed potatoes, 4-egg omelets, and a 24-foot salad bar with organically grown produce from Millstream’s growing gardens. You can’t beat the price–$5 per meal and $1 for drinks. “Students learn customer service, culinary skills and teamwork, while having fun doing it,” says Millstream instructor Chef Gordon Myers.

1150 Broad Avenue
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