The Children’s Museum of Findlay offers free admission to area families in need


Activities for kids are expensive these days, so when an exciting institution offers something for free, it’s a tremendous help and an opportunity a child might not otherwise have. The Children’s Museum of Findlay is currently offering free admission to area families in need. Full of exciting, hands-on science experiments and fun facts about the world around us, the CMF makes learning fun. A Marathon Classic Charitable Grant has been presented to the Museum that will allow them to open the exhibits up to families who might not otherwise be able to afford the admission price. Vouchers are being distributed to community centers and outreach programs, to best connect with their intended targets. “Play is one of the most natural ways for children to learn. We would like to ensure that every child has access to the Children’s Museum of Findlay to experience education in a dynamic environment” said Linnea DiBerardino, Executive Director of the Museum.

Children’s Museum of Findlay, 1800 Tiffin Ave. #201
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