The Cost of Living in Findlay

. April 3, 2017.

Curious about how Findlay stacks up expense-wise against other cities across the country? The latest quarterly index by the Council for Community and Economic Research is out and Findlay registers at 96.0— four percent below the national average. The Cost of Living Index monitors 264 cities nationwide, keeping track of various living expenses. Manhattan, NY clocks in at the highest rate, 228.2 percent. McAllen, TX is the cheapest place in the country at 76.4 percent. Findlay, as verified by the index, features lower home energy, car maintenance and gasoline costs than any other participating Ohio city. Findlay’s housing and healthcare were slightly higher than any other participating city in Ohio, except for Cleveland. With the exception of Akron (100.6 percent), all Ohio cities were beneath the national average.