The First Family of Findlay

. April 3, 2017.

It’s great to feel loved. Awakening Minds Art, a therapeutic non-profit that provides educational opportunities to special needs children through the creation of art, provided a special experience to an area family during their recent art auction. Choosing an annual Honorary Family, this year the AMA and the community decided to go big and pamper the recipients. Sarah and Nathan Moyer, parents to special needs child, Isaiah, were selected for their involvement with the AMA and the community at large. The AMA and the community gave back with a couples massage, grooming, indoor golf, wine and dinner— all donated by local businesses. Sarah Crisp, the AMA executive director and Megan Hall, the program director babysat the Moyer boys so the Moyers could have a fun day. Crisp says that the pampering will definitely be an ongoing component of the Honorary Family experience.