The Newest Little Free Library in Findlay

. March 25, 2016.

The newest Little Free Library in Findlay is located at the entrance to Blanchard Valley School at 1700 E. Sandusky St. Little Free Library is an international movement to encourage reading and access to books. Patrons can take or leave books, and books do not need to be returned. The box library at Blanchard Valley School will be kept stocked with lots of children’s books as well as some adult books, says Christina Treece, Friends of BVS. “We would like for anyone and everyone in the community to take advantage of this library,” she said. “I encourage teachers to utilize the library to add to their classroom libraries, or perhaps donating books they no longer

Other Little Free Library Locations in Findlay:
1000 North Main St. 1101 East Main Cross Street;
1827 Brookside Dr.; 30 Utah Ave.; 320 W. Hobart Ave.; 
527 Yorkshire Dr.