Two thousand pounds of excitement


Courageous bull riders will be holding on to bucking beasts for a shot at the big leagues when the Professional Bull Riders competition lassoes the Huntington Center on Friday and Saturday, February 8th and 9th. Described as the “NFL of professional bull riding,” the PBR will celebrate 20 years of competition with “an adrenaline-filled thrill ride,” says senior manager of public relations Jack Carnefix. Families can watch in amazement as beasts weighing 2,000 pounds buck riders weighing less than a tenth of that — the 35 competitors risk it all while hanging on to the backs of raging bulls for 8 seconds at a time in the hopes of winning a spot in the PBR's major league circuit. 7:30pm.

Kids two to 12, $12; adult tickets $22-$52, kids under two on a parent’s lap free. 500 Jefferson Ave. 419-255-3300.