What Moms Treasure Most


Stephanie Schnipke

Findlay mom of Evelynn, 2 

Mother’s Day is a family affair. “Every year Evelynn and I make a handprint or footprint craft as a gift for my mom and mother-in-law. We love to watch how Evelynn is growing! To celebrate we go out to eat as a family and always take a photo to commemorate the day. My favorite Mother’s Day gift was an Origami Owl bracelet with charms to represent our family and a card from Evelynn and my husband where he helped her scribble her name.” Stephanie shares a less sentimental but just as thoughtful gift, “Cash Explosion tickets! Neil (my husband) knows just how to make me laugh!”

Barb Hohenbrink

Bluffton mom of Dylan, 12 and Andrew, 7

Barb appreciates Mother’s Day for being a special day where she can just relax. Although they don’t generally go out, Mother’s Day has always been a day where she can take time for herself and enjoy some downtime. “My husband (Ben) and my boys usually make me breakfast and let me sleep in. My boys make me homemade cards and I love to see their faces when they give them to me. Sometimes I even get flowers for Mother’s Day. The best part of the day is spending it with my family!”

Vicki Fields

Findlay mom of Dallas, 10

 “I love Mother’s Day because it’s a day I get to celebrate the greatest gift of being a mother and a daughter. My favorite gift I have received is my mother’s ring. On Mother’s Day I like to focus on Dallas and the fun and joy he is. We have him choose dinner and go somewhere family oriented for him to enjoy. My favorite memory is when we went to a nice hotel and took him swimming. He is at peace in water so my heart literally melts watching him.”

Amber Sanderson

Findlay mom of Gavin, 10, Ty, 6, and Mia, 2

Amber shares her Mother’s Day traditions with her family of 5. “Mother’s Day always begins with a breakfast made by the kids and homemade cards. Gavin, Ty, and Mia are normally excited and anxious to share what they’ve selected (with help from dad, of course) as a special gift for me. I have received everything from flowers to rollerblades and I’ve treasured every bit of their thoughtfulness. My husband Doug does all the cooking for the day and if we go out to eat, I get to pick the restaurant…even though it’s my choice, I always pick a place that the kids will enjoy. Ideally we spend the day outside and together. My family makes me feel especially loved and appreciated!”