Who Said It Can’t be Fixed?


Did you crack your phone screen? Is your laptop lagging? Consider an appointment with Findlay’s Mr. Fix IT, a tech treatment center that recently opened a storefront across from Ace Hardware.

 The business has been word of mouth and Facebook-only for about two years.  In recent weeks, owners Brandy Keeter and Steve Durain moved into a storefront where they offer free estimates and repairs on most every make and model of everything tech. Cell phones, computers and other techie toys are looked at free of charge and in most cases can be fixed in a day or two.

 “Pretty much if it’s a gadget in today’s world, we fix it,” says Keeter. “Our business began by realizing a need in the community for an affordable repair shop for all sorts of items. They cost enough to purchase, let alone to spend another high dollar amount to repair once they break.”

Most items have a set charge amount. For example, replacing an iPhone 5 screen costs $79 while  a basic computer cleanup is $25. -RB

 Mr. Fixit, 123 S. Main St. Hours are generally 11am to 6pm Monday through Saturday, 

but it is best to call or contact them on Facebook first. 419-619-8841 or

 419-619-7393. www.facebook.com/groups/FindlaysMrFixIt/