10 Places for Outdoor Adventure in Seneca County Parks

. April 2, 2020.
Photo courtesy of Seneca County Parks.
Photo courtesy of Seneca County Parks.

During this time of closings and staying at home, you’re encouraged to get outside and walk for exercise to keep up your physical and mental health.

Seneca County Park District’s parks each have trails and outdoor spaces where you can take your family for some time outdoors in the fresh air.

Here are 10 places to walk or be outside. Put the address in your favorite maps program to take your family on an outdoor adventure:

Bowen Nature Preserve

11891 E. CR 24, Republic (West Lodi)

The 65-acre nature preserve has 2.7 miles of trails. It is located between county roads 38, 27 and 24.

Clinton Nature Preserve

400 E. TR 132, Tiffin

The trail includes 34 acres with a 0.65-mile trail running along the Sandusky River. This trail connects with Tiffin’s Schekelhoff Nature Preserve trail for a total available walking trail of about a mile.

Forrest Nature Preserve

701 E. CR 6, Tiffin

This nature preserve has 47 acres on either side of Honey Creek with 2.65 trail miles, mainly overlooking the creek. The preserve has parking lots on CR 6 and on TR 151, one on each side of the creek.

Fruth Outdoor Center

10130 W. SR 18, Fostoria

Near Fostoria, the 18-acre park has a short, 0.3-mile trail. Until recently, it was a cooperative park between SCPD and Fostoria’s Geary Family YMCA.

Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve

6777 S. SR 19, Bloomville

A large, 302-acre preserve, this park offers 7.4 miles of trails around a large lake and three smaller ponds. The area is partially wheelchair-accessible area.

Mercy Community Nature Preserve

45 St. Lawrence Drive, Tiffin

On the grounds of Mercy Health-Tiffin hospital, the 20-acre park includes about a mile-long trail.

Opportunity Park

780 E. CR 20, Tiffin

On the grounds of Seneca County Opportunity Center, the 4-acre park has a 0.2-mile wheelchair-accessible walking surface and paved trails.

Steyer Nature Preserve

5901 N. CR 33, Tiffin

A trail for people who are a bit more adventurous, the 209-acre nature preserve offers about 4 miles of trails. About a mile of the trail is along the Sandusky River, and the area includes eight bridges and offers views of ravines.

Tiffin University Nature Preserve

2375 W. CR 26, Tiffin

A partnership between SCPD and Tiffin University, the 30-acre nature preserve has a trail of about a mile through restored wetland and vernal pools.

Zimmerman Nature Preserve

680 E. SR 18, Tiffin

Located next to Autumnwood Care Center, the 4-acre park offers a short walk on a paved path with wheelchair accessibility.

For more information about Seneca County Park District, visit senecacountyparks.com.