Grab bag

. October 30, 2012.

David Trisel possesses two character traits that many may feel are mutually exclusive — a love of business and competition, and a social conscience. The owner and sole employee of Grab Bag Marketer, Trisel is growing an innovative marketing/promotion company that caters to small business owners
like himself.

It was while working as a graphic designer that Trisel came across the concept of grab bag marketing. “There was a company in Michigan delivering plastic bags of literature to specific neighborhoods,” he recalls.  “I liked the concept, but felt throwing bags in peoples’ driveways wasn’t very effective marketing.”

True to his creative spirit, David “tweaked” the grab bag idea, by substituting a colorful, reusable bag for throwaway plastic. He began distributing these bags filled with coupons and premiums to targeted audiences at community events as well as delivering them to selected areas in and around Hancock County.

This past August, Trisel gave away 1,000 Grab Bags at the Hancock County Fair. The bags were so popular, he devised a Plinko game to allow fairgoers to “win” a bag.“Of course, everyone was a winner,” he laughs, “but Plinko helped me control the crowds.”

Kids and canines

Trisel seems to believe the opposite of the famous W.C. Fields’ line, “Anyone who hates dogs and kids can’t be all bad!” Two causes close to David’s heart are dogs and children who need a little extra help and attention. He currently has four dogs, a number he feels puts him at capacity. His greyhound, wheaten terrier and two standard poodles are about all he can handle along with his business and community involvement.

Through Findlay’s Children’s Mentoring Connection, Trisel was matched with Avery, a sports-minded seventh grader who needed some adult guidance. David now spends many evenings and weekends attending middle school baseball, basketball and football games. He feels that both he and Avery have benefitted from their relationship. “Avery is starting to plan for his future. He wants to go to college,” Trisel adds. “Working with Children’s Mentoring Connection has really opened my eyes as to the needs in our community.”

A lifelong passion

David discovered volleyball at age ten when he began playing on a church league. He continued to play on club and intramural teams throughout high school and during his years at Defiance College. He now shares his love of the sport as the junior varsity coach at Arcadia High School. “Findlay is a great volleyball town,” Trisel surmises.  “There’s a huge sand volleyball league here and the recreational league is already short on gym space.”

Back to the future

With an office located in an historic building on Findlay’s North Main Street, Trisel is excited to see any downtown revitalization effort. He’s involved with Hancock Leadership Alumni and the Findlay-Hancock Chamber of Commerce. Savvy in social media, he also manages Facebook accounts for 40 area individuals and small businesses.

When asked what plans he has for the future, Trisel answers wistfully. “My big dream is to hire an assistant; someone who can do the bookkeeping. It’s one part of the business that I really don’t like.”

Anyone interested in Grab Bag Marketer can contact Trisel at 419-788-0209, or visit