Local Mom Encourages Families to Open Their Hearts and Homes

. May 31, 2018.
Audrey (far right) with husband, Aaron, and their five children.
Audrey (far right) with husband, Aaron, and their five children.

Audrey Kruse has always felt compassion towards children who did not have a home. After marrying her husband, Aaron, in 2002 the couple began to learn more about the need for adoptive parents. The Kruses began their family with two biological children and then adopted three more children within a matter of six years. As parents who are passionate about adopting and fostering children, they educate others about the need in our community.

Deciding to adopt: addressing the fears

After researching different types of adoptions, including domestic, international and fostering to adopt, the Kruse’s decided on a newborn domestic adoption. The entire adoption process took about two years. “We learned so many things through the adoption of our youngest son. One of the greatest lessons was patience and holding fast to the hope that God would provide a child for us that He gave us a longing in our hearts for,” explains Kruse.

The Kruses adopted their daughters as newborns in 2013 and 2016 and each time the process went quickly. Kruse says it is common for adoptive parents to have fears. “Our personal fear the first time around was whether we would be able to love this child as our own. But that’s a false fear. You absolutely fall in love!” she confirms.

Another fear concerning adoption is the cost. However, with many different ways to adopt, the costs vary. Some employers contribute to adoption costs and tax benefits are available. Often families find that there are ways to make adoption affordable.

Advocating for children in need

Before their first adoption, the Kruse family decided to open their home to provide short-term or respite care for children in foster care. This gave the family even more compassion for children in need. “All children are worthy of love and deserve stability in their life,” Kruse adds.

The Kruses educate others within the Findlay community about the need for adoptive and foster families. Last month the couple helped organize “Foster Care & Adoption Information Night” at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. The free event allowed anyone interested to have their questions answered by foster and adoptive families and to meet representatives from local agencies.

Your heart will grow through adoption

“There are so many great things about how our family was formed through both adoption and biological children. With adoption your heart grows in an amazing way. On the outside, your adopted children may not have the same eyes, skin tone or hair as you, but they most certainly have the same unconditional love that you have for your other children. We challenge you to learn a little more and see if it is something that your family may be called to. Your life will be blessed by opening your heart and home,” encourages Kruse.

For more information about adoption and foster parenting go to hopeforloveministries.org or contact Audrey at aalk02@yahoo.com.