Meeting Families on the Campaign Trail

. October 1, 2018.
Jon and Christina Cross are parents of two young boys, Carson is 8 and Connor is 3.
Jon and Christina Cross are parents of two young boys, Carson is 8 and Connor is 3.

Born and raised in Kenton, Ohio, Jon Cross returned to this area a little over 5 years ago after spending some time on the West Coast where he met his wife, Christina. “Christina really loves me. She went from the West Coast to Kenton, Ohio,” he jokes.

“We wanted to settle back down in my hometown area in Northwest Ohio. It has great schools, it’s a great place to live, it’s safe and it’s a good community,” he shared.

Jon and Christina are parents of two young boys. Carson is 8 and in 2nd grade and Connor is 3 and in preschool. Jon is running for State Representative 83rd district which represents all of Hancock County, Hardin County and the Northern part of Logan County.

“Findlay is a special place for us. We want Findlay and Hancock County to do well. It’s a chance to represent 110-115,000 people, and we’re certainly honored to do that.”

Christina is an attorney by trade and has her own small transactional business practice, Cross Law Firm. She also teaches at Kenton High School and College Credit Plus classes through the University of Findlay while overseeing an internship program at Kenton High School.

Getting to know Findlay

“We spend a lot of time in Findlay. We shop here, we dine here, we attend church here. It’s a great snapshot of Ohio,” Jon notes. “From the large industries to the small mom and pop shops there are a lot of great things to do. Over the last two years we’ve met a lot of people in Findlay because we’ve been on the campaign trail.”

Their persepective, from the eyes of parents, focuses on schooling, education and things to do with families. They enjoy exploring the small communities in the county as well as the city.

“We hope to continue to meet a lot of families in the Findlay community,” he adds. “Even though we don’t live here we spend a lot of time here. We’re looking forward to making more friends here and visiting families.”

Family values

The Cross family has been on the campaign trail together. They take the boys with them to campaign events, walk in parades together and even go door to door. Through this they have gotten a lot of great exposure.

“We want people to know that we are just like you with a family and juggling the kids’ needs,” Christina shares. “If you see us out and about please come say hello. Our kids have their meltdowns, like others, so we get it.”

“Just because we’re running for office and enjoy public service, we’re normal parents who care for kids and are concerned about education and their future and safety,” Jon adds.