Motherly Love

. April 29, 2013.

We asked Findlay kids (and adults, too!) to celebrate their mothers by letting us know what makes their mom special. Read on for their heart-warming answers!

Love to the moon and Back

Mother: Amie Noel
Daughter: Emalee Noel

“She is sweet, special, kind, and generous. My mommy plays with me with all my toys. My mommy reads me bedtime stories and tucks me into bed. My mommy is the most special mommy ever, even when I don’t listen. Sometimes she gives me sweets too. I love mommy to the moon and back, she is my special mommy.”
Emalee Noel, age 5

The strongest woman I know

Mother: Caren Beddoes
Daughter: Emily Beddoes

“My mom is the most supportive, loving and kind person I know. She is always there for me, supporting my decisions and choices. Her caring heart is always sensitive to the needs of other people and she is extremly passionate for what she does. The amount of work and effort she puts into the care for my family and others close to us is incredible. My mom has a huge heart and opens it up to everyone around her, hoping to spread the love and passion for life. My mom is my inspiration and the strongest, most sincere woman I know”.
—Emily Beddoes, University of Findlay student

Mom Puts others before Self

Mother: Amy Tolento
Son: Joshua Tolento

"My mom is special because she has always put my needs before her own and is very caring towards others. She is generous, happy and a big multi-tasker (which is where I assume I got my abilities from!) Being a mom of a family of eight is no easy job, but she discovered the way to do it consistently. It is easy to say that our family fits together perfectly like a finished puzzle"

—Joshua Tolento, Findlay Family account executive                                                                                                                     

My Super Hero

Mother: Tina Lane
Children: Jackson, Griffin and Keegan Lane

“I like it when my mom does my homework with me. She is special because she loves me!”
—Jackson, age 7

“My mom is nice to us. She is special because we love her. We love her because sometimes
she takes us to where we want to go, like McDonalds.”
— Griffin, age 5

“I like to hug my mom. She is special because she plays Spiderman with me.”
— Keegan, age 3

A Mom Who Plays Even In The Winter

Mother: Sarah Mayle
Children: Ben and Rosa Lynn

"Our Mom is special because we do a lot of art together. She takes us to play outside, even in the winter!"
—Ben, age 7 and Rosa Lynn, age 4