School Board President Shane Pochard

. February 1, 2018.

December 31, 2017 marked the end of an era. After a decade of serving on the Findlay City School Board in multiple roles, Findlay resident Shane Pochard completed his final term.

All in the family

Pochard, born and raised in Findlay, spent four years away at college in Tennessee before returning home. Hailing from a family of educators made Pochard a perfect candidate for the Findlay City School Board. “My mom is a retired teacher, my grandfather was a teacher, my brother works in higher education and my father did as well. I was the only one not in education. I felt like I needed to give back to the community and fall into the family business a little,” recalls Pochard.

Pochard joined the school board in 2006. In addition to serving as a board member for the last 10 years, he also served as school board president for three separate one-year terms. During his time on the board, Pochard had the privilege of presenting both his daughter and son with their diplomas, and he had the honor of being involved in planning the new Donnell and Glenwood Middle Schools in Findlay. “We kind of got in on the ground floor and worked our way through that. It was a really neat thing to see finished,” he recalls.

Pochard and his wife, Renee, have two grown children. When his family gets together they love to travel, cook out and attend most Findlay High School games. He also loves to golf and has recently taken up running with his wife. During the day, Pochard can be found at Marathon Petroleum Company where he works as an operations supervisor.

Serving in the community

Despite a full schedule, Pochard has also managed to find time to volunteer in the community. He has served on the parks and recreation board, volunteered with Findlay Youth Baseball, read to and tutored children in Findlay City Schools and helped with many other service opportunities in the district. “I love going into the schools and visiting with our teachers and spending time with the students,” adds Pochard. “Whether it’s reading or bringing in coats at Christmas, any time I’m able to do some of those volunteer things within the school and spend time with our staff and students— I really enjoy that.”

Ten years in a role is sure to leave an impression on a person, and it’s easy to see the positive impression his time on the school board has left on Pochard. “I really enjoyed meeting the many people, my fellow board members, administrators, and multiple superintendents; and I’m a better person for meeting those folks,” he remarks. “It’s bittersweet moving on from the board, but I’m really confident in our new board members and excited to see what they do next.”

What is your favorite book to read to the kids? We liked to do the traditional The Night before Christmas reading to our kids when they were younger. That one is our go-to book.

What is your favorite sport to coach? It would definitely have to be baseball! I coached my son for years in baseball when he was younger and I played baseball in high school and college. I coached my daughter in softball, as well.

How would you encourage parents to get involved with their local schools? I think it’s important that parents look at volunteering for their kids, and that can even be helping with homework in the evening for their own child or sending treats in if they don’t have a lot of time to volunteer. When you volunteer you get such a sense of community and you find an appreciation for teachers and all they do for kids during the day. It’s just a great experience.