Tips from the Trenches

. April 1, 2014.
Trenches FAF

How did you combat homesickness and prepare Addelyn for a new experience?

We let her choose the summer program that interested her. She also attended camp with a little friend, so that helped. Everyone at the camp was so kind and welcoming, that when we dropped her off the first day, she never looked back.

What did she enjoy the most about the camp?

My daughter loves growing things, and the whole camp was centered on gardening. She planted flowers and vegetables, learned about how seeds grow, made a scarecrow, went on nature hikes, and even prepared a fresh meal to serve to parents on the last day!

How did day camp make a positive impact on her?

She became less of a picky eater and more willing to try healthy foods. She never liked celery before, but came home all excited about ants on a log, which is celery with peanut butter and raisins.

Jennifer Treece, mom to Phoebe, 7, of Findlay

Why do you send your daughter to day camp? She stays busy all day and gets to do all kinds of things that she wouldn’t get to do at home, like swimming, bowling, hiking and crafts.
What do you make sure you pack every day? Water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, and sturdy shoes—never flip flops. I dress her in light clothing and make sure I pack a good lunch with a sandwich, fresh fruit, snack crackers and plenty of drinks.
What advice would you give parents on choosing a day camp? Look at the staff to camper ratio and make sure staff members are highly qualified. Also, look at the variety of activities offered to make sure they are challenging and age-appropriate.  It’s a good thing if they let campers choose a few activities. Finally, make sure the facilities are safe and that the camp provides shelter and options for rainy days.


Phoebe Treece proudly wearing YMCA Summer Camp shirt (right)


Jennifer Foos, mom to Morgan, 11 and Molly, 8, of Findlay

What are your girls’ favorite activities at camp? The love the field trips to the bowling alley, skating rink, Camp Berry and Riverside Pool.

What do you make sure you pack every day? Towels, bathing suits, sunscreen, water bottles and snacks. I always let my daughters know what activity they will be doing that day, so they know how to dress.

How does day camp have a positive impact on them? Camp keeps them extremely busy doing something different every day. It also allows them to participate in many group activities, thus teaching them to thrive in a group setting.


Corinne Seager, Molly Foos, Morgan Foos & Colette Seager pose poolside (left)

Cary Seager, mom to Colette, 10 and Corinne, 7, of Findlay

Why do you send your girls to day camp? My husband and I both work outside the home. As children, we had stay-at-home moms who gave us the freedom to do many fun things outside during the summers. We want our children to have the same relaxed outdoor fun.

What are your girls’ favorite activities at camp? Playing gaga ball, climbing the tower, swinging on the rope into the pond, doing crafts, learning card games, swimming at the Y pool, field trips such as the movies, bowling, Imagination Station—there are too many to count.

How does day camp help your girls make the most of summer? It gives our children the opportunity to do different things, learn new games, and develop relationships with not only other kids their ages, but with the fabulous and outgoing counselors. They LOVE the counselors!





Corinne Seager & Molly Foos at the ball field ( right)







Colette and her sister, Corinne Seager cool off with ice cream. (right)