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2019 Back to School Guide

5 Tips For A Good Year Ahead By Emily Remaklus New backpacks full of school supplies are ready to go, the first day of school outfit is picked out, and open house is just around the corner. It’s great to start off the year strong, but how can you help ensure that your child is

Childhood Virtues

Raising kind, caring, contributing children is the most important— yet daunting— job for parents. Virtues make up an individual’s character and instilling virtues starts at a young age. Five local experts share their advice on virtues and parenting. Gratitude Geri Leibfarth Director of Religious Education, St. Michael the Archangel Parish Gratitude is deeper than a

Q & A With Dr. Nahrain Shasteen Of Modern Heritage Eye Care

1. At what age should children first get their eyes checked? The American Optometric Association recommends that children have their first eye examination between the ages of 6 and 12 months. This ensures that we can detect potentially sight threatening conditions, such as lazy eye or amblyopia, as soon as possible. As the area’s only

Don’t Miss The Flag City Daylily Festival

Even if your life is hectic, you can grow daylilies. The daylily is practically fool-proof even for black thumbs. If you’re picturing the orange flowers that grow in ditches or the gold flowers in many landscapes (called stella de oro)—yes, those are daylilies. But they represent only a tiny fraction of what’s available, according to

Local Dads Reflect On Fatherhood

Father’s Day honors the paternal bonds and influence of fathers in society. Dating back to 1909, it’s celebrated annually in the US on the third Sunday in June. We reached out to local dads to ask them what fatherhood means to them, what they learned from their own fathers and how they celebrate Father’s Day.

Penny Pinching

There’s lots of summer fun you can have without breaking the bank! Put these “penny pinching” activities on your summer bucket list.