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Classical Music Tradition Continues in Findlay

Aruna Rajan, from Delhi, India and now living in Findlay, has been studying Carnatic classical music since she was five years old. Carnatic classical is a vocal style of music originating in southern India. When she started lessons, Rajan said, “I was not at all interested. I could hear my friends jumping, playing and running

A Tradition of Music

FHS Symphony Orchestra developing lifelong skills The latest buzz phrase in education is “21st century skills.” How can we produce citizens and employees who can problem solve, communicate, collaborate and think creatively? It’s a challenging task, especially today, when children and teens spend an inordinate amount of time playing video games, buried in their digital

Head of the Class

Meet some of the superintendents and principals that make our local schools great places to learn.

Reviewing Popular Subscription Boxes

Introducing subscription boxes: an educational gift for children that arrives each month by mail. Each small box contains learning activities–think of it as fun homework–that engage children while simultaneously teaching them about science, geography, nature, or literature. It’s the gift that keeps on giving–without adding more junk to the playroom.