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Special Needs Guide 2018

If you’re a parent of a child with special needs, know you’re not alone. Here in Northwest Ohio there are abundant resources available to help you, your child and your family make the most of every day.

A Guide to the Arts—Parents Night Out

The Findlay area is home to a variety of arts you can enjoy during a night out. So secure a sitter, grab your love (or some friends!) and use this guide to plan a parents night out!

Guide to Holiday Party Planning

Whether it’s holiday party planning or a milestone birthday, bunco night or another special occasion, at some time, it is every couple’s turn to the party. Clean your entire house, landscape your yard, plan a menu and cook and bake for hours, or ring up a local Findlay venue to host your party.

Nailed It! Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween can creep up on us and become a potentially time-consuming holiday. Sometimes our kids’ elaborate costume ideas have to be pushed aside for something quicker, cheaper, and all around easier. But, do no fear! We have three super simple costume ideas that require little time and use materials found around the house. They are adorable, unique, and can be used for almost any age or gender!