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Drink Your Veggies at JK Juices

Eating more fruits and vegetables while cutting back on highly processed sugary foods is easier said than done. JK Juices make that transition both easier and more convenient.

Jazzercise Opens New Findlay Location

The word “jazzercise” may conjure up images of leg warmers and leotards, but those images no longer apply. While the dance fitness craze became popular in the eighties, today’s Jazzercise playlist includes popular hits by Meghan Trainer, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendez…and nary a leotard.

Taking Care of the Skin We’re In

Skin is the largest organ of the body, yet we often take it for granted. I can personally attest to skipping sunscreen too often, using a makeup remover wipe as my “skincare regimen” and watching dark eye circles appear after years of interrupted sleep with young children.